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Buakaw , star of muay thai , out of retirement @ 2012-07-05

Muay Thai superstar Buakaw Por Pramuk announced his comeback yesterday following an out-of-court settlement with his former handlers.
Buakaw, who retired in May after a financial dispute with Por Pramuk camp, said he planned to make a return to the ring in a Thai Fight event in England on Aug 17.
The move came after Buakaw and Por Pramuk camp made an agreement on the share of income from the fighter.
Por Pramuk camp sued Buakaw, Thai Fight organiser Sport Art Co, the Sport Authority of Thailand and two other parties after Buakaw fought in a Thai Fight event in Pattaya in April without approval from the camp.
However, the Civil Court asked concerned parties to try to make an out-of-court agreement. Por Pramuk camp then withdrew their lawsuits after they struck a deal. "I am very happy that the problem has ended," said Buakaw, 30.
"I want to fight for another 10 years."

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