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Chun Holds Two Dubious Matches at Lumpini for muay thai on Telly Fans , 24/09/2012

Promoter Chun Kiatpetch lifts the satisfactorily furious joy of muay thai on tally on Channel 7 and Channel 11 to battle again in the Keatpetch Fight on Friday September, 21 at Lumpinee muay thai stadium. This battle will bring the boxing fans’ inconclusive match between Kongkeeat of Tor Pran 149 muay thai camp and Dokmai Ngen of Por Phongswang muay thai camp which the fans were unable to tell who won the fight. As for Channel 11, there will be a fight between skillful fighters, Phetmanee and Deaw at Lumpinee. It will definitely be a well-fought fight .

The Keatphetch Fight on the Friday evening of September, 21 at Lumpinee muay thai stadium will comprise of the 240 baht style’s intense boxing match as follows: the major match is between the stratagems with 99 skills, Ratkhet to battle against Kaimook Dum Aek Bangsai. We will see the minor match between Phetmorakot Teeded 99 punching against Lookman Fonjang Chonburee, following by the remarkable fight of junior boxers in the range of 102 pounds which were coincidentally paired.  Khunpan Keatcharoenchai is preparing to bet at least 200,000 baht for the famous fight of Aungree Sor Dechapan, the wealthy Choke Stun’s beloved discipline. Mr. Choke takes care of Aungree instead of Captain Surachet Dechapan in everything ranging from nourishing food, stimulants, and every kind of Brands.

We will certainly see a frantic muay thai fight for all five rounds on this Friday with the new legacy, Saen Kor Sakuncheu which has always been red-hot and is the rising star of TNG Channel. He will fight on weekdays against the “Wealthy Aed” Komphetch Wor Wiwatthananon’s new muay thai boxers. The first match is between the tiny body with a brave heart, Aumnuaydet Wor Wantawee muay thai camp and Mungkornyok Sukworaphong camp . Phetnumaek will battle with Chai Yai, ending with the fight of Phetjedsee and Sumleethong. Another two matches that Promoter Choon Keatphetch will arrange for the muay thai fans to watch again are the ones from Channel 7 and 11, Kongkeat versus Dokmai Ngen and Petchmanee versus Diew which are both the tactful and skillful boxers. Choon revealed that he guaranteed that they will not let the boxing fans down because referees usually like the muay thai game which has a lot of attacking movements.

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